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Tourism Appreciation Day

September 7, 2022

We took a bus to Glencoe Crossing this morning.

20 minutes ride
Fabulous Scones and Coffee!
Loch Leven
Town of Lochleven
Bank House B&B

We are staying in a lovely B&B which also serves breakfast! Lochleven is not large but has several restaurants and other shops.

A short hike brought us to this waterfall just at the edge of town.

I very carefully walked planks with cables and chains to get closer to the waterfall.
Gray Mare Waterfall
The Ice Factor
Serious ice tools
Of course, the climbing gym has a cafe
Red Deer in the city park
West Highland Way

Tomorrow I plan to walk the last stage into Fort William. Adele plans to bus partway and finish walking (it’s 15 miles, at my outer limit and twice Adele’s).

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  1. Brother Bob, well done, wish you the best on your 15 mile hike! So Ps., great pix and posts

  2. KathyMcIntosh permalink

    Yay! I think you’re finished and Adele’s still alive and kicking. Lovely countryside.

  3. Sam permalink

    Tutu you are smiling big! That means its not raining!

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