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Robert L Schwartz

I refer sometimes to my friend Robert Schwartz of Kendalia.  He is probably the best writer you’ve never heard of. I have this page so that you can get his books.  I think I am brilliant, and I was quick to admit that Robert is a better writer than I.  The final paragraph in Out of the Nam is the most powerful closing of a book I have ever read.  I asked him if he got a lot of comments on it: he said no one had ever mentioned it.  That is because, as he says, a writer has to make them feeeeeeel it!  and it does, and it is terrifying.

In R L and other storiesRobert tells the story of the lives of cedar choppers, told from first hand experience, is the only telling of this group of people you will find in print.  The chapter “He spoke in colors” is awesome, and you I will put it on my blog at some point.  Robert’s writing is authentic and true will change your view of some things.

The reason I do this is because Robert doesn’t own a computer or a smart phone, his books are not on Amazon or Kindle or Nook, and he doesn’t really have email ( and it goes to a friend).  Robert writes with a pencil in a spiral notebook, often on the hood of his old beat up pickup truck when he is out hauling hay or cedar posts.  These are Robert’s descriptions of his books:

Out of the Nam  is a collection of 36 stories and narratives, each a separate entity unto itself that will let you experience the war in the Nam from being drafted into the army to suffering the horrific life altering aftereffects.  These stories – sometimes boring – exciting – terrifying – depressing – moving – provoking – will allow you to feel what it is like to be immersed in an experience so completely – immersed in the war in Nam so completely – that you the individual cannot tell where the outward experience ends and your own inner natural being begins as all the guys felt – all the guys who were there.

R L and other stories is a collection of stories and narratives of plain everyday working people engaged in commonplace actions like roping wayward calves and hauling square bales of hay down the road to turn over a few bucks and loading 200 pound ten foot long cedar logs onto semi-trailers and standing tall for family honor and living in canvas tents and shacks out in the cedar brakes and penning unruly bulls and having cold flood water wash into the truck cab at a creek crossing and facing financial hard times and suffering terrific injuries out in the middle of nowhere — and so much more.

Through these stories we learn all over again that we are not alone in this life — others have gone before us and have experienced the same of like difficulties as we face each day.  From them we learn to live day to day and find fulfillment in life.

Robert will ship you a copy of either book for $11.50 plus $6.00 shipping if you write him at PO Box 441, Kendalia, TX 78027.  I have copies of both and often have them with me at book signings.



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