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Warning: Elderly People on the West Highland Way

September 8, 2022

We finished our 8 day version of the WHW today along with numerous friends accumulated along the path. Adele met me for the last several miles walk into Fort William.

The UP starts here

It ended up being 16.8 miles and 1976 feet of up. The weather was good by Scottish standards, with no actual rain. However, at times it was rather “midgey”.

Lochleven in my rear view mirror
Once up the trail was relatively level
Many walkers excited about the upcoming finish
Historic place
Rainbow greetings, Ft William down below
The old finish with French/Canadians Anna and daughter Margo
The bar behind the finish
The Geographer Restaurant with Kristien and Drew
Tomorrow- Glasgow

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  1. Walkmag permalink

    Well done , that was a big walk. Hope you are off to somewhere sunny

  2. Sam & Susy permalink

    Sam: Tutu you did it! I’m making my shaka sign for you!
    Susy: Congratulations to Robert and Adele on your finish! What a wonderful walk, even if it rained a bit. The scenery was beautiful!

  3. Linda Iverson permalink

    Wonderful for all! Love seeing pix of the food and brew. Love the smiles on your faces!

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