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Intrepid Deb Wight


Find out why this artist is laughing.  My latest Hill Country Artist story, on Texas Hill Country.

Livin’ in the Burg


I’ve never been to a Fredericksburg Music Club presentation before; I waited too long.  I believe this is where great music is appreciated more than any other in town. And we don’t have to drive to a city and pay dearly for admission.

Fredericksburg Insider: Our biggest music venue?

Romancing Stone: Hill Country Artist Georgiana Chenault


This is my latest post on Texas Hill Country. I really enjoy visiting with artists and so far each artist does something completely different from the last. Georgiana sees a picture in the stone before she starts to paint, adding to colors and shapes laid down by the creation of the piece of limestone a gazillion years ago; a sort of sixth sense.

Hill Country Artist: John Austin Hanna

This story was fun to write. John Austin Hanna is a kind and gentle man, and it shows in his paintings. 

Writing for Fun

I had fun writing this story; asking people where they go for lower cost food and drink in a town with lots of expensive places. I have more to come along this line. 

The cow photo was at my daughter in law’s family farm;it has nothing to do with the story really but I love the pic. 

Camino Pilgrimage Countdown


I used to wonder what getting older would be like.  To help shape that uncertain future I wrote down some goals in 2015 – Turkey & Greece with In Search of Paul (Lutherans!) in 2016, the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in 2017, the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018. The Paul trip was fantastic! Now I’m planning the Camino.  This is the most popular pilgrimage in the world, with 280,000 people walking some or all of it in 2015. When I saw The Way  I knew the Camino was for me.  I’ve walked most of my vacations, backpacking/climbing trips in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming, but for this trip I’ll leave my ice ax and fly rod at home.

I spent a month in Spain in 1975 when I was a pilot in the Air Force and hoped to be back someday. The 500 mile Camino pilgrimage has been popular for over a thousand years, so there is an infrastructure of hostels, guidebooks, and restaurants to support pilgrims. I’ll be carrying my gear in my pack, but not camping or cooking on the trail.  Another adviser will take care of my clients, and I’ll find help looking after Daisy and the cats and the bed and breakfast.

I’m still not sure what getting older will be like, but I’ll turn 65 on May 15th somewhere on the trail in Spain.

The Doodler


Bruce Bowman has doodled his way through 45 years of meetings as a pastor.  Now he’s gone professional.  Hill Country Artist: Bruce Bowman