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NiPSOT Strikes Again!


My latest story for Texas Hill Country.  We call them NiPsot.


Why I’m Not Writing Novels

Friends ask me often when I have another story coming out.  I do have a quarter of “Enchanted Rock White” written, and when I finish it will be the best story I’ve written. I also write for Texas Hill, Heart of Texas Magazine, Hill Country Visitor Magazine, and have a story in to Hill Country Art Magazine.

Someday I’ll do less with the non-profits I am passionate about.  Today I spent three hours or more working on projects for my Kairos Prison Ministry International team – which I serve at the John B Connally Unit near Kenedy, Texas. I am also a key person with The Friends of Enchanted Rock, Hill Country Historical Foundation, and Christian Women’s Job Corps of Gillespie County.

Also, my nature is the Sloth.  I have a start on a prequel to my Awol 21 novel about an Air Force pilot, set in 1975 in Thailand, and a thriller involving a KC-135 Tanker (you didn’t think it was possible to have that big old jet in a thriller, did you?).

The Sloth will get his life together soon and get back to writing. I’m planning to walk the Camino de Santiago Portugues route in May and June of 2018, and may put some thought into a novel set there while I’m walking through rural Portugal.  It is 383 miles, so that will take a while.

Thanks for your interest and support. The photo is of me and my good friend Erwin (from Germany) on the trail in Spain in May.



The Ghosts of Zodiac

My second story on this interesting place is in the Fall issue of Hill Country Visitor Magazine.


He sat on the bank in a shady spot.  His mind was full of random thoughts coming into his mind at what seemed to him like the speed of sound.  He pushed them out one at a time.  First the concerns about the mystery of this murder; then the regret of his failed relationships; then they disastrous date with Angela; then, finally, Kathy.  One at a time he moved the thoughts out of his conscious mind until there was nothing left but the warm air moving gently over him, the decomposed granite of the dry creek beneath his feet, and the grassy bank he sat on.  He moved his mind towards the center of his being. Finally, there was silence inside his head.  He sat, not aware of the passage of time, his mind empty, open.

I wrote this paragraph in Enchanted Rock Red in 2011.  This was somewhat prescient, as this was something I thought I just learned on the Camino in Spain in May.


Camino Retrospective

My first story on the Camino was written three months ago while I was on the trail, this piece closes the story after reflecting on the meaning of this grand pilgrimage.  When I reached Santiago in western Spain on June 8th, people asked me “Would you do that again?”  My answer at the time was “No way!”  Now my answer is, “Maybe,” but I am definitely planning to return next May to a different section of the Camino, and walk from Porto in northern Portugal to Santiago, a mere 232 kilometers.

Austin’s Secret Swimming Pool

I have been swimming in Barton Springs, but not in a while, as it is so crowded.  Then I learned about Deep Eddy from a friend.


The Wine is Coming!  This photo shows grapes fermenting at William Chris Wines, good people who let me come take a lot of pictures.  I have a longer story on Texas wine coming in the fall edition of the Texas Hill Country Magazine, soon to be called Heart of Texas Magazine.