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The Tube

September 6, 2022

It’s a micro-lodge, but I’d call it a tube. We are at a ski resort off-season, lots of walkers here.

I walked solo again today, 11 miles of easy trail in treeless mountains.

Bridge of Orchy, the start
Plantation pine along the way
First high point on the route
Lots of hikers, but spread out
Rain coming
Micro lodge
Dinner and rehydration
Two days left

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  1. Randy P permalink

    I like the tube. It would standup well in an Avalanche! The heather has vivid colors. I never knew that.

  2. Kathy Brown permalink

    Cool tube lodging! Hang in there, Adele 👍. Lovely photos Robert.

  3. Beautiful nature. Fun micro lodge!! Well done..only 2 days left. I am so happy to walk -just here in my area for now ( today 2 hours). We must stay fit !

  4. KathyMcIntosh permalink

    It looks lovely there and I’m glad the sun made an appearance. I don’t call eleven miles an easy walk! Give Adele my love and encouragement.

  5. Sam & Susy permalink

    Sam says: Tutu you look happy when you were eating but not so happy hiking in the rain. Don’t catch a cold.

    Susy says: The hiking trails are really nice. The heather is beautiful. They should build those micro lodges for the homeless in Hawaii. LOL! They are really nice for such a small space.

    Sam says: Tutu have a nice hike! We saw Max on Sunday.

  6. What an interesting place to stay at, Robert. I saw something like that, as a caravan, some years ago here in Fredericksburg at the Agricultural Show.

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