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June 5, 2022
Le vrais pellerin! (A true (Pilgrim)

We met a German pilgrim today after church. We attended the Eglise Evangelique Reformee du Canton de Vaude

Protestant Church!

Today is Pentecost Sunday and there were baptisms of two young children, an uplifting experience! The two pastors were both women and the Pentecost story and liturgy were both familiar, even in French. And we participated in communion.

Pipe Organ

There were many hymns, although not familiar to me and there was not enough light for me to read the small print of the lyrics. The acoustics was fantastic!

Origins in the 4th century

The village is also quite beautiful, and looks like everywhere else we have been, clean as a whistle.

Josette and Irache

After church we saw a pilgrim and spoke with him. He walking from his home in Germany to Santiago de Compostella without money, finding hospitality along the way.

Breakfast with Old & New friends

We started the day with breakfast just outside Romainmotier (the village with the church).Irache is Anne-Marie’s friend from singing, staying for 6 months in a campground before she returns to Brazil. Irache has friends in the campground, where she just bought a camper, and we had breakfast together. A typical Swiss group-happy people who laugh a lot.


Lea, a friend of us all from the Camino in France last summer, came on a train today. She is a delightful person and it is good to see her. We are all going for a walk soon, around the lake by Yverdon Les Bains.

Stretching to reach the ATM

The money here is Swiss Franks, not Euro. Swiss people tend towards being tall, and slender,and athletic, but like the positive and happy people we have been meeting, I’ve been told that not all are that way. If you hang around with Anne Marie, you are likely to be both.

The week in Switzerland is going by quickly.

Moi, Anne Marie, Josette on a walk after dinner.

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