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Confessions of an Expat

June 12, 2022

My first confession: I am not an expat, but I think about it. My goal recently has been to spend 3 months a year in Europe.

Trevi, Italy

My hometown friends tell me that Texas is terribly hot and getting worse. When I tell people here it is 40 degrees (C) at home, they are shocked. They believe they will burst into flames at 35 degrees. It’s 20 here now.

View from a Swiss chateau
Rural southern Belgium
15th Century Business Casual?

They have old stuff here. Old in Fredericksburg is 175 years. Old here is 1500’s. It’s charming, and they’ve capitalized on it.

Switzerland is gorgeous, and clean. No trash! In the popular city parks there is a trash can every 50 feet but no trash on the ground. If you look hard you can find graffiti in the cities (along the railway), but not in the villages.

Belgium is also clean, with wonderful weather in June. Rural Italy, except for the touristic places, looks poor. Rome is very crowded, trashed and graffitied -and fabulous, all at the same time.

Shock TV

America is very popular here. This is a typical show about fires, floods, tornadoes. American disasters are featured often. One interesting thing: the show has both voice over and original dialogue, and when the Americans said “Oh my God!” the subtitles say “ce n’est pas possible” which means “it’s not possible.” I saw this quite a few times. I am living in French these days. I’m not fluent but I generally know what is going on.

Jean Claude (Josette’s brother) harvesting honey

Pine plantations everywhere
Daily walk outside the village
Quiet life
Dog training today
Axel and Sasha came over to visit and eat honey

Josette has an enviable life here. Grandkids show up unannounced for snacks. I am speaking English with 13 year old Axel, who has an oral exam in English next week. I’ve been to family gatherings at daughter Virginia’s pool. There is very little traffic in the village. She lives in a comfortable, modern – but at the same time old – house.

It’s tempting, but I’ll be home Friday.

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  1. Susan Payne permalink

    How tempting to be over there for 3 months out of the year– particularly during these triple digit days!

  2. Justin Deming permalink

    Glad you were having fun. It looks beautiful there. Looking forward to having you back in Texas. 🙂

    Justin Deming (512) 599-0677


  3. Connie permalink

    Looks like it has been such a wonderful trip! Completely understand the longing ti return before you’ve even left!

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