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Perfectly Swiss

June 4, 2022
Trail through dairy farm land

I wasn’t sure what to call this post: “The Hills Are Alive…”or “Rocky Mountain High…” or The Perfect Swiss Day. After a traditional breakfast of fruit salad, bread with homemade jam, and coffee, we got in the electric car and drove down to the town and the other side of the lake.

Traffic Circle

These traffic circles are here instead of stop signs when roads cross. On this drive there are decorative themes in the circles. The light isn’t great in this photo, but the scene is a winepress and includes a cat and dog posturing.

Driving up the mountain

We drove up the mountain to a trail head parking lot. The car is electric, and running on batteries charged by the solar panel on their roof yesterday.

68 degrees, sunny, 4800 feet MSL
Walking with the cows
Marked hiking trail
Cowbells chiming all around
Swiss Grand Canyon

We ran across hundreds of people running a 110 km race through the area. Swiss people seem to be tall and in great shape and about half were women.

Swiss Grand Canyon
Dry stone wall to keep the animals away from the cliff
Moi, Bernard, Josette, Anne Marie
Stay back from the edge!
Fondue for lunch

Of course there is a restaurant! My first fondue. Dip bread on a long fork into the melted cheese, et voila!

Bighorn sheep photographer showed us what he found
Trail down

The perfect day includes a nap, so we all took one is the shade in that luxurious grassy flower covered meadow.

In petite siesta
Panorama from the high point. Mt Eiger is barely visible in the distance
Perfectly Swiss

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