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Wandering Loose In Italy: Stia

May 4, 2022

We land in a village each afternoon. So far they qualify as quaint, slow, scenic; everything we want in the USA and don’t have. You can walk around here.

Rest Area

We came down long hill to a paved road, and there was this lineup of chairs for us. We took full advantage of them! It was a pretty hard day with lots of up-and-down and about 15 miles. Yesterday though was a lot more elevation, 3300 feet of up, and 18 miles, so I was still a little beat up from that. But at least when we started in the mornings, I feel good.


Last night at dinner we all ended up singing songs, Gayden sang “lounge” songs, two Austrian ladies sang clever sing-along songs, the Irish girls sang an Irish folk song, and our Italian friends sang Italian songs. It was absolutely a blast. We were all back together tonight at a restaurant so we’ll hear more songs. When I was arranging for a sandwich for Gayden this morning, because she didn’t stay in a hotel and there was no food in her hotel, I told the manager that she was the blonde who was sitting over there. And he said oh yes, the singer!

Austrian songs
Our “team”

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  1. Adele Deming Chong permalink

    One person in your party isn’t carrying a backpack. Does she carry all she needs in her fanny pack?

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