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Wandering Loose in Italy-UP -UP-UP!

May 3, 2022

We did 1020 m meters (3,300 feet) of up today, and about 15 miles horizontal. It was a hard day, but not painful! The weather was great, and we were in vineyards, Olive Groves, then forests of tall pine trees.

Medici bridge over the Sieve River

We started across this bridge this morning, which has held together for over 500 years. it was steady up all day today.

Sandwiches here are wonderful

We stopped about 1030 at a nice little place and got coffees. Then got some sandwiches to go, the only food available on this entire day. from the photos I have you think that the only thing we do is hang out at bars and restaurants.

Wine estate
Abandoned chapel
Rest break.

We are all looking at our phones because we’re trying to figure out the rest of the day, which is already been very hard.

Overlook enroute Hotel Miramonte.
Almost done walking. 7 hours!
The first beer is the best!

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  1. I am enjoying it myself!

  2. I am convinced of you and wish you a beautiful and thoughtful way.

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