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Wandering Way Loose in Italy

May 6, 2022
Laura and Giuseppe

Yesterday when I got lost, Giuseppe was in our finish town with his car. They were going home later. I had ended up on the other side of the Mountain, 25 km by road. I was very happy to see him pull up that little road in the rain.

A medieval pilgrim

We are staying in hotels and eating fine meals. This medieval pilgrim would have a significant chance of dying on his journey to Rome. Bandits, disease, and accidents were ever present dangers.

Modern day pilgrims

Giuseppe and Laura are gone now, but they were a huge part of our group. When I was a flight instructor in the Air Force in 1980, he was an Italian Air Force student pilot in my squadron. I never flew with him, but his flight instructor, came over to my flight to be my last flight commander (Connie Engel, in the first group of 10 women to be allowed into pilot training).

I didn’t take a lot of photos yesterday because of the rain and being lost an all. We spent the day in wooded mountains, peaceful and quiet with only the cuckoo’s call to break the silence. Today is a short day but lots of uphill.

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  1. Adele Chong permalink

    Wow, that’s a long distance to be lost! Were you by yourself? Did you get separated from the rest of the group? Glad Giuseppe was able to pick you up – you must have had cell phone service, to be able to contact him. Did you remember him as a student pilot, or discover the connection recently?

    • I got separated-the others were ahead and I didn’t know which way they went. The trail markings were confusing. Fortunately the cell phones worked

  2. Tammy permalink

    I’m liking the end result – relaxing with friends.

  3. Liked finding your blog and very glad you were found. Keep taking your Juice Plus+!

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