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French-Speaking Women

September 18, 2018

Now that I have your attention-my reading about the Spirit yesterday was about sex so I thought I would comment on the women I’ve met. My trail friends here are French speaking (France, Switzerland and Belgium) and most are women.

They are all between 62 and 72 warm and friendly and compassionate. They look like American women, the big difference is that few speak English.

The fact that all are walking a trail with their pack means they are a select group and I couldn’t draw any broader conclusions than this: the women I have become friends with here are delightful.

I’ve been “adopted” by these friendly people, perhaps I am a project. There are some couples on the trail but the majority seem to be women walking alone. I’ve met some guys but they move on quickly, except Benoit, who is struggling with a sprained ankle.

I haven’t seen Edith for a few days but she was fun to walk with and spoke English. Anne Marie (left) is taking a detour today, I hope we meet up again. Anne Marie (2) sings beautifully in an ancient Corsican style, haunting ancient spiritual songs. I’ve only seen a video but she has promised she would sing in one of the churches on the Way today.

Anne Marie (1) told me yesterday that I was like a big teddy bear looking for a soul mate. Maybe I’d been singing the seafood song: I flounder then I lobster.

Now I’m resting on a hillside out in the country after a lunch of bread and cheese. Where’s the wine?

As far as the idea of bringing a French woman back to Texas goes, I’ll take George Washington’s advice and avoid foreign entanglements. But these women are great trail mates.

I’ve quit saying Bon Chemin as people don’t seem to recognize it. Now I say Happy Trails.

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  1. Nothin’ like a good trailmate-

  2. Wilhelm permalink

    It’s so beautiful to see your pictures my friend Robert! Farther… Bon Chemin! Peregrino

  3. Leslie permalink

    Angels of Mercy, Sisters of Mercy…as the lyrics go “they are not departed or gone, they were waiting for me when I found that I could not go on…and they brought me their comfort, and later they brought me their song..I hope you run into them, you who’ve been travelling so long..” Cohen and I wish you a blessed rest and respite.

  4. Chip Frazier permalink

    One of my take-aways from the CF was that, regardless of our origin, we (humans) are more alike than we are different. We are glad/happy about the same things & we all laugh. We are saddened by the same things & we all cry. Culturally, we are diverse, but that diversity seems to be melding into a common culture. The only exception I noticed among pilgrims was our language barrier. It is a persistent, but artificial difference. Once we overcome language, our commonality comes beaming through.

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