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Angels of Mercy

September 21, 2018

Last night we stayed on the third floor in this 12th century tower in Aubrac.

Bathroom on 1st floor via this staircase

€10 and dinner/breakfast at a nearby restaurant for €22.

Anne-Marie and Josette taking photos of the early light. Our group breaks up in the morning. Anne Marie is going back to Switzerland and I am continuing with Josette. .

Tonight we are in a convent run by the Angels of Mercy. I had dinner in the refectory with one of the 17 sisters remaining (not pictured).

This was a very hard day, 10 hours on the trail.

Respite with the Angels of Mercy was just what I needed.

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  1. Wow!!! What a magical place to sleep!!!!

  2. Leslie permalink

    Comment under previous blog, pardonevous` sil vous plait.

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