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Eat, Sleep, Walk, Repeat

September 17, 2018

The cycle of life on a Camino seems consistent. Here in France the accommodations are generally gites instead of albergues, and so far have all been beautiful places.

This is the sleeping room and bathroom (two shower stalls and two commode stalls). Unisex. €36 for the night and dinner/breakfast.

This was dinner last night at Domain du Sauvage. Soup, beef and potatoes, cheese, bread, wine, cake. And I now know all these people. Two are here at my gite tonight.

This is the village, Les Estrets, where I am staying in tonight. One of the reasons they offer breakfast and dinner is that there aren’t restaurants nearby, and we are afoot.

Walking alone in the morning is good contemplative time. I am fresh and the air is cool. I am working my way through “40 Days With the Holy Spirit” and finding meaning every day. This morning I was breathing in the Spirit.

I had a short conversation with this huge cow early today. He was not talkative but focused intently on me. Later in the day I talked Thomas Merton and Richard Rohr with David, an American (the first American I have met).

This is where I am hanging out before supper. I’ve had a shower, my other set of clothes are drying on the clothes line, and next I am going to try to make conversation in French with my friend Ann Marie, my new friend Ann Marie, Josette, and another Pilgrim I haven’t met yet.

Tomorrow I’ll do it all over again.

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  1. “40 Days With The Holy Spirit” – shall have to look that up –

    the accommodations ARE lovely!

  2. Wilhelm permalink

    Chapeau! Chapeau!

  3. Chip Frazier permalink

    Thanks, Robert! (It’s hard to get used to Robert. “Switch” comes naturally! LOL) What a difference between your Camino and the French portion of the Via Francigena that another pilgrim, Efren Gonzalez, is walking. He met 2 Brit pilgrims in his first 3 or 4 weeks in France. He is in Italy now on his way to Rome and is just now meeting numbers of other pilgrims!

  4. Leslie Starr Hart permalink

    Your photography brings me right into the place. I can feel the cool mountain morning air and smell the scent of pine and fir..and my own contemplative time is enriched. I’m happy to note that “Forty Days…” made the trip. The deluge has ended here, now comes the sauna effect…and scorpions so Bon Chemin

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