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Rocks Rain Mud; all in a days work

September 4, 2022
Rain-gorged torrent

We walked Inversnaid to Invernnen in the rain today, 7 hours total. Where we walked yesterday was not passable because the creeks (Byrnes) were up too high.

Along the Loch all day
Keep moving forward

For those of you following Adele: she said that this was physically the hardest day of her life. She was able to keep moving because she knew there was no alternative, there was no turning back, there was no bail out option, just moving forward.

5 hours of this
Goodbye to Loch Lohman
The not so great tour guide

I could do better if I did this trip again, because I’ve learned a good deal about how things go here. But it’s been an adventure!

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  1. KathyMcIntosh permalink

    Tell Adele we’re thinking of her and hoping things get easier. And she should fire her tour guide. 🙂 I hope a massage is in the future!

  2. Nancy Kickertz permalink

    Ditto the above from Kathy McIntosh! My love to Adele and a huge Pat on her back for hanging in there and moving forward! Love, Nancy K

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