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Scotland in real time

September 3, 2022

We just finished our third day walking the West Highland Way north of Glasgow. The guides say today was 7.5 miles but my tracking apps say 11.1. We had all day so took it slowly, the trail was easy until near the end, and the rain didn’t start until the last half hour.

“Honesty Boxes” among the trail with drinks and snacks

We have been along Loch Lohman for two days, walking north along the east shoreline. The opposite shore is not so far away. The water is calm and clear. I see no fishermen; does that mean there are no fish?

This would be a lovely location for a leisurely canoe camping trip. There are lots of small beaches and on some sections of the trail, no development.

Steep hillside trails with many small creeks
Hotel Inversnaid tonight

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  1. Susy & Sam permalink

    Hi Tutu! We love looking at the blog and finding out what you are doing. Hope you are having a good time. Love Sam/

  2. Linda permalink

    Adele – looking mighty spiffy in your get up. Glad I’m part of your journey.

  3. Kathy Brown permalink

    Good job you two! Keep it up, Adele. Brings back so many warm memories of the Camino for me. Just walk…

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