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It’s a Fiasco

June 25, 2022
Fiasco of Chianti

I’m back home in Texas, where it is hot, dry, and dull. Wandering loose in Europe is never boring.

Laura and Giuseppe

According to Giuseppe, the origin of the word fiasco is this: patrons at a plays or performances drank wine. If they were dissatisfied with the performance, they would throw their empty wine bottles at the cast. And these type of wine bottles were called fiascoes.

Cross Mountain

Daisy and I went to Cross Mountain this morning. It was windy and not yet hot. Daisy is intrigued by the smells on walks and complains loudly if I don’t take her. I came back with a bit of a sore throat. It’s going away, perhaps caused by the dusty wind, but many of my friends have had Covid in the last few weeks. I am very, very thankful that I didn’t get Covid on the trail, that would really mess up the plan.

Enchanted Rock

I’ve been back home for a week, and it’s hard adjusting. My sleep cycle adjusted very quickly. But there is also kind of a culture shock. After six weeks of calmness, I’m thrust back into the chaos that is American life. It started at the Atlanta airport and has not let up. I went to the enchanted rock for some relief, and was overwhelmed by the heat and dryness.

September 2022

My friend Tyler from previous trails says the solution is to plan your next walk before you finish the one you’re on. So here it is: I’m walking the West Highland Way in Scotland with my sister Adele in September. This may be double-dipping, coming after a six-week trip, but my motto these days is DO IT NOW!

August 2022

As luck would have it (if luck had anything at all to do with it), last week I read a newsletter from the Confraternity of Saint James in London, in which they mentioned this pilgrimage. It comes directly before our plan in Scotland. To me that was a sign, so I signed up. It’s four days of guided walks.

Monika and Gabi

I’m also planning a few days in Vienna, visiting friends from the trail in Italy.

The Garden of Eden

Then I’ll spend a few days with Josette, before we come back to Texas for adventure, phase 2.

The End
(of The Way of Saint Francis)

I have been privileged to walk trails with a fabulous group of people.

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  1. Kathleen ONeill permalink

    Hi Robert,

    Your tales from the road have been fun to read and so enlightening about your adventure and friends. It seems as if you found a great companion, if not love, in Josette. If love, I hope it’s eternal.

    I really liked the format of your tales. A picture and very brief explanation, then another picture….

    I had Covid in January. Started as a slight sore throat for two days and then nasal congestion for a couple more days. Felt like a cold. No big deal, but you may want to lay low for a couple days to get well and not share in case it is the virus. Or it may just have been the dry dusty air and not Covid at all. We don’t know.

    Enjoy your future travels/walks. Please keep me on your email list.


    Sent from my iPhone


    • Thank you. I’m laying low for now. I’ve been sweet on Josette since I met her in 2018. We have now done 4 trips together and plan to do many more.

  2. Rob, yes, Do it Now.

    Thanks for relaying the origin of the word Fiasco!!!


  3. Walkmag permalink

    I will also double dip this year. Doing it while I still can

  4. Kathryn Ghiselli permalink

    Good job.

    Sent from my iPhone


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