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Wandering Loose in Italy: The Wolf of Gubbio

May 14, 2022
Saint Francis and the Wolf

We are in Gubbio tonight, where the wolf and Francis came to an agreement. The full story is here:

While Francis was staying in Gubbio, a wolf was terrorizing the local people. They asked Francis if he could help. He went to the wolfs lair and the wolf came at him snarling. Francis made the sign of the cross and spoke to the wolf. The wolf sat at his feet as Francis talked with him. Francis promised that the people would feed him every day if he would give up killing people. Francis held out his hand and the wolf held out its paw.

Francis talked to Brother Sun and Sister Moon and called the wolf brother. The wolf is buried under the altar. This story is worth reading and meditating on.

The wolf is buried under the altar

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  1. Constance Anne Fullerton permalink

    I love this —thank you Robert!

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