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Wandering Loose in Italy: Getting a ride

May 13, 2022
The axe in Pietralunda

The axe has a story

Kenton and I decided 30 km with hills would kill is, so we took a taxi 12,km down the trail. It turned out well; the first 12 was in the city or on the edge of a busy road with no shoulder and the part we walked was fabulous. Today we are doing the same, our host is taking us down the trail at the start.

4th century church frescoes

We ate our lunches at a Refugio with an adjacent church. It is a donativo run by volunteers. Quite beautiful and peaceful.

Pieve del Saddi

Our lodging was a beautiful agroturismo just out of town. Our host, Lucas, is very nice. He took us to town and picked us up after dinner.

My room

Assisi on Sunday, where josette joins us.

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  1. Bob, wonderful story of the Axe and great decision to take a taxi…Enjoying your posts and pictures. Steve

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