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Wandering Loose in the Rain in Italy.

May 7, 2022
We are in constant danger of this

Over the mountains and through the woods.We spent the afternoon recuperating in our (unheated) hotel room, one or two steps above camping. Dinner was excellent pizza and a very good bottle of Pinot Noir.

Steeper than it looks

Up into cold, windy, wet mountains today. Tomorrow, more of the same. Saturday we ended in La Verna, miracle town.

Entering Badia Prataglia
Gabi and Monica singing

Gabi and Monica (Austrian) sing-at the table, in a church, in the forest. It’s quite magical.

Fording a river
Saint Francis was here

We are in La Verna tonight. This is a special place. It took us 10 hours of walking, two mountain ranges with a 4000 foot game total, a couple of miles in incredibly bad mud, but here we are.

Pilgrim dinner. Wow!
Monica and Gabi
Carolin and Utah

I have accumulated a great number of friends here, I have lots of people to visit on my next trip to Europe.

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  1. Bruce Bowman permalink

    Looks like a rough day but a happy ending

  2. Kathleen ONeill permalink

    Well, you are a hardy soul. 10 hours and mostly uphill, cold, wet and muddy!! I know you love it.

    Thanks for the travelogue. Kathy

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  3. wow, it looks like quite an adventure. Crossing river, fog, …but the best part must be sharing with other pilgrims and a good glass of red wine. I guess you are heading to Rome… Take care Robert.

    • Estimating Rome on May 28

      • The Via Francigena is probably less busy than the GR 65- Via Podiensis and the Camino Frances. I read on FB that it is very busy which make me happy I am not rushing to go back on the Camino until next spring…. Take care Robert ciao !

  4. Not exactly a trail for me. I admire your perseverance.

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