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Muxia: The Jewel at the End of the Trail

June 24, 2019

The last scene in the movie “The Way” is set at a small port town called Muxia. This is a fitting ending place to my European adventure. Tomorrow we head back to Texas. This is a popular place for Pilgrims to visit after walking the Camino de Santiago. We walked three days of this loop but the other four we are doing by bus. Muxia is small and charming. There is a beautiful beach beside the town. The church of the Virgin of A Barca is on this peninsula jutting into the Atlantic Ocean. The legend says that Mary visited the area to encourage James in his evangelizing. The first time I’ve had scallops. Quite tasty! This plate is €12. Pairs well with Albariño wine, the local favorite.

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  1. Wow your heart must be so full as you complete this journey, Robert…thank you for sharing it with your words and your photographs

    I look forward so much to starting my Camino very soon🌻

  2. Leslie permalink

    A grand finale and feast. Fresh scallops were my childhood “birthday dinner” request for many years…cheaply and easily accommodated at Fisherman’s Wharf-SF. Thanks for sharing this multi-country journey thru word and photo. I revisited cherished memories of my own from long ago travels.
    New roads beckon…

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