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The Short Walk: Camino Inglés

June 17, 2019

What does a thousand year old trail look like?

Starting in A Coruna, a pilgrim will be in Santiago in 3 1/2 days of walking. If one starts in Ferrol, as most seem to, is 5 1/2 days. The short trip is counted at 75 km, not enough to get a Compostela from the Catholic Church (100 km is required). I have one already and no one seems to be interested in it. This is the starting point in the port city of A Coruña. The nursing mother Mary statue in the church at the start is unique. The trail is well marked but you are somehow guaranteed to get lost trying to get out of the city. I had two sit-down map and guidebook consults on the way out of the city. The way takes pilgrims through lovely and quiet suburbs. The first albergue was super modern and welcoming

Much of the trail is through forests. There are few cafe-bars on the way, but this one was super-friendly. This was just after the trail from Ferrol (the other starting point) joined us, along with many more pilgrims. I walked past the albergue on day 2 because it was only noon. The only other option was a hotel just off the route at Ordes. This was the view from my room. I used a routing from to head toward the Camino (I don’t have a map of this trail, just a description). I walked with these local women for a couple of kilometers. They showed me where to pick up the Camino. Wildflowers are abundant People pursue beauty in their yards. The way went up 1000 feet the first day and 1500 the second. Dinner in a bar with a card game onLunch today-beef stew. Hit the spot.

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  1. I really enjoyed this group of photos –

    and wow that there’s a REAL nursing Madonna😁

    Looks like you continue having a fabulous experience

    About 2 months from now i’ll be a pilgrim, too!

  2. Leslie permalink

    Once again I chanced upon this post. Great photography as always…what a beautiful path you are following. Please email me the link if you will post from Finesterre! Buen Camino

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