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September 21, 2018

Here pain is the staff of life: bread. One think I’ve learned is that you keep your slice of bread on the table, not your plate.

This is breakfast- coffee in a bowl with bread.

A second cup of coffee for the day on this little “place” is a good way to slow down and take a break.

We in Fredericksburg see our city listed in the top 10 destinations, but imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth if the national government gave that designation.

Even though it is pretty, old but in good repair, all these villages are spectacular.

The local Bier is an IPA. Good one, too!

I’m walking with Josette (Belgium) the last of our family, until Conques (Sunday). Then she goes home and I push forward. I don’t know if I’ll have other such friends on this trip, or even how I ended up with them. I miss Anne-Marie, we had a lot of fun. I’m learning lots of French, as Josette doesn’t know much English.

We visited an incredible market today.

Lively place with music playing and beautiful food everywhere. If a person wanted romance, this would be a place to visit. (I’m not looking for romance).

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  1. Oh man i cannot WAIT!! Breathtaking-

    coffee in a bowl- now we’re talkin’ (just run out of cups or is that the custom?)

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