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A Pilgrim Must Suffer

May 6, 2018

Our bodies haven’t kept up with the plan. it took two of these for Kay to recover from the walk. 12 miles today, and we are still in training.

I was surprised to walk past a T-38 at a museum. I’ve got about a thousand hours in this type, some of it upside down or at 5 g.

Much of the Camino was on the coast, some on these boardwalks and some on a modern paved trail through a park. Lots of locals on bicycles or walking/running. You can’t tell how tired we were when we came across this. We got to the hostel at 1:00 and were told there were 4 beds left, come back at 3:00. We frittered away the time over 4 cervecas grandes and a meal,cost us €21. We are now in our room and our friends from last night are with us. 74 year old Camino buddies Rnulfo Sloth (Denmark) and his good Camino friend 73 year old Alejandro (Bilbao) are with us!

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  1. Hey Robert! Am vicariously enjoying your journey! Obrigada!!! Enjoy!

    Jane (Peace Corps Zambia, stayed in your F’burg AirB&B on my Waltz Across Texas)

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