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Camino Portugués

May 5, 2018

This is the first Arrow, on the Cathedral Se in Lisbon. Lisbon is beautiful but overrun with tourists.

This is the way, only 3 hours today. Perfect weather for walking although Europeans think it is hot at 72 degrees.

This albergue is owned by Via Lusitana, the Portugués Camino association, and it is sweet. Only 12 beds, basic but perfect. Staffed by Colorado Tanya and Lisbon Christina. We were first to arrive when they opened at two and have beds in the lobby (near the bathroom!).

Deliciooso lunch “carne Assada” around the corner. Trail clothes are drying on the clothes line. After nap a Saturday afternoon crowd (all locals) with lively conversation and dominos.

Bohm Camino. We are keeping a book of Portugues phrases

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  1. Barbara Elmore permalink

    So interesting. Thanks for sharing, Robert.

    • We are in the equivalent of a sports bar in Portugal in a village. People very friendly and welcoming, loud conversation, dominos slapping tables. Like Fredericksbueg a hundred years ago?

  2. Chip Frazier permalink

    Great post! Keep them coming!

  3. Clara Serrano permalink

    Love this! We did this Camino last year. Thanks for the photos and comments!!

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