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The End, Redux

September 12, 2014
Sleeping Lion Mountain

Sleeping Lion Mountain, Fort Davis, Texas

I am re-working the ending of Fort Davis Rocks.  I know what happens but I am messing around with different points of view, and POV happens to be the writing issue I have trouble with.  Perhaps I can find someone to talk about POV for our next Fredericksburg Writers Conference meeting on September 25th.  My story starts in Delbert’s POV, and makes a 7 day circle, and ends up in Gwynne’s POV back where it started.  I think we all have trouble with POV and find it wandering around, but this is brilliant!  But how to do it?   Here is an on-line discussion on POV which seems simple enough for me to comprehend.  Got to study this for a while.  (May need a few beers for that.)  Fortunately, I am meeting some people at the Pedernales Brewing Company this afternoon; I am going to write a blog post about them for the Friends of Enchanted Rock Blog.  Beer plus Writing, a Win-Win!


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