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Crowd Sourcing Editing?

September 7, 2014

Fort Davis Rocks Proposed Cover

I created this cover on the Create Space system. I had been thinking to get an artist to do a cover with a representation of the protagonist in front of the iconic rock face behind Fort Davis. Any opinions? I have ordered some copies for friends to read; I will have them in about a week. Depending on what these readers tell me, I may make changes to the story. The editor represents the reader’s interests; a friend told me this method could be crowd sourcing my editing.

I am getting better as I write more; this is novel #4. Maybe by 10 I’ll get that national best seller status!

From → Writing Fiction

One Comment
  1. Sherryl Brown permalink

    The cover of your new book is very appropriate and eye-catching. I will be glad to read it if you want my feedback before you publish. Sherryl

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