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Wandering Loose in Italy: Siamo arrivati a San Pietro a Roma

May 29, 2022
Arrived Saint Peter’s- 28 Days and 550 kilometers
Leaving B&B in Monte Sacro 6:00 am

We left early again to beat the heat, which is much worse in the city. As I took this photo a seagull was eating a rat in front of us.

Nothing hurt this morning
Saint Peter’s Square
In line this morning at 7:15 for entry
Security checkpoint
Saint Peter’s is huge and somewhat overwhelming
Found our way to an office for our document

The awarding of the Testimonium document is underwhelming compared to the Compostella in Santiago. They stamp your credential and give you a blank form.

Get out of jail free card

The trail is 340 miles over mountains and all kinds of landscapes. It’s physically hard and resources for walkers are often limited. We (except Ann!) took a ride 4 times, mostly just because of too-long stages, so just for the first couple of miles. We got a ride for 20 miles near the end and skipped one stage. Ann and Gayden are tough, strong, fast walkers, and significantly outperformed Kenton and Josette and I. Gayden was not on our plan all the way but met us at Saint Peter’s.

We navigated using trail markings (often missing or confusing); the GPX track from Cicerone; Sandy Brown’s Cicerone guidebook; Apple Maps, google maps, dead reckoning, pilotage, and taking to locals. The Way of Saint Francis-Via Francesca – is much harder than any Camino I have walked. The weather was great most of the time but hot by noon at the end.

The people we met at the lodging, restaurants, bars, and city halls were kind and helpful. Many Italians speak some English, and google translate does the rest. We made a few pilgrim friends along the way (although you could go a full day without meeting any) and a few will show up in a future post.

I read two historical books on Saint Francis before the trip as well as some Italian history. I have opinions on the church’s response to this incredibly popular man I won’t share here; best to stay positive on a pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage over.

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  1. permalink

    Loved following your walk. We are leaving g from Assisi onn8/23… interested in where stayed along the way! Thank you sharing amazing adventure!! 💕🏃🏻‍♀️

  2. Harriett Raindl permalink

    Glad you made it. Have been to the Vatican grounds also. Too commercial for me. I was really impressed at the Colosseum. Could feel the spirits there. Get some rest for your next Pilgrimage !

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