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Wandering Loose in Italy: Slackers!

May 26, 2022

We skipped the stage for today completely, it was going to be two days wrapped into one, which we are not up to. We’re feeling a little beat up and need a day off.

Our stay in Poggio Moiano down this way

We have stayed in all kinds of places, most booked in early March on As we get closer to Rome, prices are higher. Until recently our cost per night for Kenton and Josette and I has been averaging €60 per night.

Not your usual neighborhood: Poggio Moinano
This is how we feel at the start of the day
11 am
Arrival at 3 pm
Beer aids in recovery
Fabulous lunch today
Stuffed tomato with potatoes. Really hit the spot.
Basilica Saint Mary Magdalene
Nachos have always been a disappointment but these were great!

The street restaurants are gearing up for a big night. We are headed for sleep and 6:00 am departure for Sacro Sante, 19 kilometers into the mega city.

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