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Wandering Loose in Italy: crazy?

May 19, 2022
Long hot bike path

Yesterday we walked 8 km on a paved bike path along a river. There was little shade and it was getting hot. The path led us into busy city streets where we were soon dodging traffic on a road with little shoulder. The farther we got into the city, the hotter. We stopped at a bakery and ate huge slices of pizza and drank down the big bottles of water. We still had an hour to go, headed toward a convent. This is the time when you question this whole affair.

Early morning out of Spello

This is in contrast to the early morning (we started at 6:30 AM) enthusiasm we felt walking through olive groves on the side of a mountain along a path with no traffic.

1 mile out

We are in Spoletto, a very old Roman city, and this part is dirty and trashy and far too busy for comfort.

Chapel inside the convent

There aren’t many nuns to be seen but the rooms are simple but comfortable. Josette found the chapel and took me there.

This underground escalator took us up the steep long hill into the old town
The Cathedral with fabulous stone work 
I rehydrate with beer, Josette with 2 scoops of gelato
We should probably quit spending so much on dinner

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  1. You are in the middle of my favorite stretch of the Way. I wonder if the aqueduct is open to trekkers yet.

  2. Each days are different. It makes you appreciate the days where everything is beautiful and easy ( no pavement) but still it is your journey and you are quite a “normal person” to wonder why you are doing it (I did too but I still want to go back….) bon chemin or whatever they say in Italian !!! 🙂

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