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Wandering Loose in Italy: Easy-Peasy

May 10, 2022
Rest break

We had a beautiful 12 km walk today, ended feeling really good! Of course we did twice as much yesterday, and ended up feeling hammered. It’s sunny and over 80° here. We are staying in a beautiful bed-and-breakfast in this tiny town, with a very helpful host. She is young but was for a time a pro volleyball player.

Our host

I had a dream last night about midnight. In it the world was being transformed, and humans were being changed into spiritual beings. But the catch was, you had to be changed in pairs, becoming one. The fortunate people were with their dog when this happened. This may be neither here nor there but if I had taken notes I might have been able to write a book of prophecy (Revelation II?)

Citerna on the hill
Road walking but little traffic

We were following the guidance from our various guidebook and phone maps when a guy pulled up next to us in his car and told us the road ahead was closed, that the bridge was completely out, and there was a detour which he pointed out to us. Gayden said that was an angel, and I will not argue with that.

We ended up spending lots of time here
The bar in Citerna

The two restaurants in this tiny village are closed, but our host advised us to go to the bar and ask the grocery next door to fix us supper. It was fabulous!

Pici with cheese and black pepper

The local people came to the plaza, it was a happening place. It’s a tiny village and everyone walked.

Downtown Citerna

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  1. Adele Chong permalink

    What language did the angel speak? On another note, we need to start planning the England trip – at least decide on the dates. September is 16 weeks away!

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