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Getting There

April 29, 2022

Enroute to Italy I am spending time in England. Yesterday I spent several hours with my longtime friend John and his partner Angie. We walked from his place (a boat) to Kew Gardens.

John and Angie

Then I successfully took the train to Andover, where I met up with Ann Marie and her husband Simon. We did some walking today on a public footpath in the hills.

Public trails on private property

Then we parked at Saint Martin’s Church and walked to a point to view Highclare Castle, where Downton Abbey was filmed.

Downton Abbey behind me

We did about 6 miles yesterday and 10 today. They drive on the left side of the road here. It’s disconcerting.

Church built of flint
Break for tea and cake
It would be nice to have this place at Enchanted Rock
Tomorrow- Stonehenge

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  1. callmebj permalink

    Thanks for taking friends along with you, Robert!

  2. Kay Ghiselli permalink

    I love walking on public trails on private property in the UK. Can we get that going in Texas?

  3. Walkmag permalink

    Enjot beautiful Italy

  4. Tammy permalink

    Already looks like a great time. I’m glad I get to “go along” with you. Looking forward to the next stop.

  5. Coonie permalink

    Tea and cake across the pond….. couldn’t be more perfect

  6. Chip Frazier permalink

    Aside from driving on the wrong side of the road, I find UK to be a calming place. As soon as I arrive, I have a sensation of “home”. Still visit good friends from Bomb Comp days at Barksdale in the 70s. Sue & I started our CF with a week in UK in 2019 & finished with another week after Muxia. The US seemed so hectic when we returned.

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