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12 Days In

April 12, 2021
San Gabriel River

We have been inland since Newport Beach. We spent two days walking by an enormous concrete ditch. We just did a bit of this today. I was glad to see water and plant life . We have walked 20 miles of concrete.

Pico Rivera Golf Course

None of us are golfers but we all appreciated $5 pints of good beer here. All beer prior to this was $8. After 14.5 miles today, we needed it.

Steve shows Laura the trail

For 4 nights Steve and Dawn have picked us up at the end of our walk, fed us great food, and taken us back to our next starting point. Tomorrow we get a new host for the next section.

Dawn making dinner

The days of walking on concrete have but one redeeming value for me – the people I am walking with and the people who are supporting us. The first week of beaches was great, but the concrete canyons of the LA area- not inspiring. I might as well be walking through San Antonio.

Kenton, me, Laura, Luis.

Kenton is a business owner from Illinois. Laura an adventurer from Montana. Luis is a Gallego (a Spanish cultural people) from Los Angeles. We are as different as can be. That we are all walking this trail together is sublime serendipity.

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  1. Chip Frazier permalink

    Keep going Bro! We are behind you all the way!

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