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Time Slowing Down

March 25, 2020

With the threat of Covid 19 the tourism business has come to a screeching halt. Until two weeks ago my B&B was full every night. I was cleaning and doing laundry and giving advice on wineries and restaurants and Enchanted Rock. So, what am I doing now?

Kayaking the South Llano River
Daisy taking me for a walk

Hiking Enchanted Rock
French lessons with Josette and Anne Marie

I have a fascinating young guest in the Canoe Barn who is quarantined, but we get to hang out on the back deck, 8 feet apart. Tonight we had nachos and IPAs.

I’m wiping down surfaces in my house daily, I even cleaned my oven (a first). I’m maintaining appropriate distances. And when we did the kayaking shuttle today …

Life is , in fact, better outside.

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  1. Great photos, Robert- to be slowed down by a virus can be pretty darn nice, I agree…

  2. This virus will change us. All of us ( I lie, I still think 10% of people won’t change and it is too bad). Stay well. Stay positive. Keep the hand sanitizer near by. Wash you hands….

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