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Dancing With Stars

January 4, 2020

I just returned from my 4th Mision de Candelilla-Fredericksburg United Methodist Church Christmas Trip to San Vicente, northern Mexico across the Rio Grande from Big Bend National Park. These trips begin and end in the dark. Big Bend National Park- Texas is across the river. We saw every sunrise. And, every sunset, and a gazillion stars. We spent time with the local people. We made new friends and spent time with old friends. Bruce held a baby. We pondered deep ideas. And not-so-deep ones! But the stars at night, are big and bright. . And it was another grand adventure. No electricity, running water, heat, Internet, phone, or showers for four days. It was fabulous!.

This family is one of about 33 who were given gifts by a Fredericksburg family who believe it is better to give than to receive.

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  1. All the best for 2020 to you and yours,

  2. Chrystel permalink

    What a fantastic experience! It makes me remember the desert in Big Bend. What a magic place, thanks for sharing this trip!

  3. So great, Robert!!

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