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France at 3 MPH: Food?

September 10, 2019

We are still in the Cele River Valley, have now completed 5 days of walking, 6 nights in gites d’etape with demi-pension meal plans. We stayed at Peche Merle Equestrian Center with Pasquale last night. Dinner was sausage (organic but not from the farm) and lots of vegetables from his garden. Pasquale was a fabulous host, dinner was 2 1/2 hours and finished with an aperitif (plum liquor) made by his neighbor. Lunch was at the Grotto, grilled cheese and ham sandwich (cheese on top, not inside). Dinner was at the restaurant which owns the gite: cocktail, wine, too much of every part of a duck on a lettuce bed. With us are Jean Luc and Veronique from Paris, and Bridget, a Québécois. And dessert and coffee too. We has to walk it off in the village.

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  1. You need to do a lot of walking to get rid of all those calories! 😀 Enjoy your trip!

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