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My Only Regret is

October 1, 2018

I’m with Monique, the owner of this restaurant. I’ve been wondering about French country cooking, and my only regret is that one of you readers wasn’t here to help me eat this meal.

One of my trail friends, Solomon, told me I should find a Michelin-rated restaurant along the trail and have a fantastic, if expensive, lunch. Then, Robert, my Belgian host last night, suggested that I do just that. I don’t know how he got the idea, he didn’t recommend this to the other pilgrims.

The catch was that I would be at the restaurant, Down the trail in Bach, 1 1/2 hours before they opened. It is only open at noon a few days a week, and this was one of those days, so I took this as serendipity. I cooled my heels in the church yard from 10:30 to 11:45, when Monique came out to me and invited me inside.

I was the first customer, although it filled up soon. Monique explained that she cooks the same food her mother and grandmother did. I let her pick the menu, telling her I wanted good country cooking.

I was served the best glass of wine I’ve had in France and beef broth with tapioca (I think). Tasty! There was enough left for you to fill up on too!

Then quiche and beef tongue.

Potatoes, butter beans with carrots, and a vegetable and cheese casserole.

Beef with carrots in a light sauce.

More beef, with tangy things like peas.

At least, dessert: really really tasty pastry, chocolate cake, and a cream sauce. By this time I wasn’t sure I would be able to walk out the door, much less 12 kilometers to my gite.

Tonight I’m in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere by myself. I had some trail snacks for dinner and am under two quilts, ready for an early night. Lunch? €23. I wish you’d been there to share it. My favorite dish? The vegetable (legumes in French) casserole. I’ll make that at home. But it will be the only course! And maybe you can join me.

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  1. Wilhelm permalink


  2. It’s a little late, but still: bon appetit!

  3. Belle Weaver permalink

    Looks like an amazing meal! Would have loved to have shared that. What a great place.

  4. Leslie permalink

    I sincerely hope you caught a nap on the way to the gite! I believe those “tangy things, like peas” are capers…the unopened buds of Capparis spinosa..used quite a bit in Mediterranean cooking especially seafood. Bon Appétit and merci for another tasty post.

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