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September 29, 2018

I had coffee in the tiny village of Faycelles yesterday. That is it in the background.

It has a pretty Church and I git a stamp in the tourist office. I thought it was the prettiest village I had seen but didn’t get photos.

Late that afternoon in the village of Gréalou I met my host, Esther, who was warm and friendly. She said they were going to a celebration at Faycelles that evening, did I want to go? But if we went there would only be soup for dinner. I immediately said yes, enthusiastically.

Dinner was “just” homemade vegetable soup, with pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, bell peppers, celery, fresh turmeric, and more. Served with goat milk.

Esther drove her helper Lucas, another pilgrim Sophie, and I to Faycelles. The celebration recognized 20 years of designation of this part of the Camino as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

People were preparing to light luminaries made of clay pots filled with wax and a big cloth wick. 1100 of them.

People poured into the tiny village. Wine and beer flowed.

At dark the flames were lit.

This old fortification turned into

This. Thousands of people flowed onto the trail, which I had walked earlier that afternoon, guided by the luminaries.

Fantastic scenes were created by animated figures made of steel and salvaged parts.

The lighted city is in the background.

Walking through the ring of fire was the dramatic finale.

This tightrope unicycle was the most intriguing. Now I’m back on the trail for the next adventure.

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  1. OH.MY.GOD. what a BLESSING to have witnessed!

  2. So basically every day one feels one has had the most amazing adventure so far, right? By the end of the trail, you shall be so infused with bliss and wonder and unforgettable memories and grace that you shall perhaps simply exlode….

    • Every day is different. Tonight I’m in a gite in the country by myself with a kitchen and the opportunity to make dinner. And, I saw no other pilgrims on the trail all day.

  3. Leslie permalink

    Phenomenal experiences via your story! Symmetry and serendipity ….a welcoming fete in LePuy, and this magical event to usher in the rest of your journey. Your “timing” has been blessed. Bon Chemin

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