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Pilgrimage: Wine, Women, and Song?

September 13, 2018

By the time I reached Le Puy en Velay, in southeastern France, I was beginning to feel lucky. I made all my connections, two airplanes and three trains, but the last two were tricky. French trains are fabulous but they don’t always show up where you expect them. I only made it because people I had asked questions of- is this the right track for the train to Lyon? – came back to me to tell me the track had been changed. The French National train app also told me to go to track A at the last second, and people were running so I did too. Just made it in as the door

They are having a renaissance festival in Le Puy. Pop-up camps with a bar and everyone is in costume. I was their first customer. Spiced Wine

The familiar shells

Bon Chemin. Le Puy was great. I did partake of some spiced wine but not the women and song. Pilgrim mass at 7 am was great; I got a blessing from the priest. I told him I did not understand most of it but it seem to me to be about love. He told me being a priest is all about love.

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  1. Thanks for the post- what’s the weather like so far?

  2. “Wine, Women, and Song” – we used to joke that these are the three cardinal virtues. 😀

  3. Wilhelm permalink

    Bon Chemin!

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