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My Bacon Story

June 25, 2018

Sooner or later every “mass market” writer has to write a bacon story.  At least, I hope that is true.  I hung out at Random outside of Boerne last Saturday night and came up with this story and the beginning of another. This is more of a photo essay but more fun that usual to write, and for the most part the food truck people were great fun. I focused more on the food than the people, but the people are worthy of a story, too.

I also got the beginning of Beer Wisdom.  It could change to Bar Wisdom.  It will be the (actually) wise things I’ve heard at bars. I’m making a list, writing them down. I suppose this means I’m going to have to hang out at bars for a while.  Oh well, there is a down side to everything.  I’m also going to get back onto my plan for a Hill Country Dive Bars story. You might have noticed how neatly those two stories dovetail together.

Two weeks ago I was hanging out at a pub in London.  I made a short video of this kind of low-end classic traditional English pub not quite on the River Thames called the Brewery Tap, which has a local Dixieland Jazz band on Tuesdays.

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