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Robert’s Ratio

May 24, 2018

There is some satisfaction in a cold beer at the end of a Camino walking day. We have come to realize that there is a ratio between suffering and beer. Kay calls this Roberts’s Ratio.

Here at a Pilgrim Respite Area, Kay has noted that the suffering has begun. We have been trying to walk distances which take into account just the right amount of suffering.

Sometimes the trail then takes you down roads full of speeding traffic. Suffering goes up as you have to be very careful not to misstep.

And the directions get confusing. I use the Brierly guide, the Wise Pilgrim app,, and my GPS to get us to the albergue as efficiently as possible.

And then the door is locked and no one answers the bell. Suffering levels up, until a phone call gains us entrance. Now fun is up!

Finally, a shower and a change of clothes and a beer and all is well.

Then it is nap time, followed by fresh seafood for dinner. And a bottle of wine. Finally, we decided we had to cut out the second cerveza grande and the second bottle of vino. Our suffering to beer/wine ratio was getting out of whack, and to bring it back into line we would have to increase suffering or reduce beer. And we are doing our best to avoid this!

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