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Have it your way in Portugal

May 19, 2018

You don’t get to have it your way on the Camino in Portugal. You take what comes. This guy followed us down a long hill on a stone road with an empty wheelbarrow. I hope he didn’t have to get it back up loaded. This bridge goes back to Roman Times and this is Via Romana XIX. The creek is clear and cool and fast. The trail is interesting, sometimes rough, but the scenery is wonderful. We are walking through rural farmsteads. We visited the tourist office this morning about getting a taxi to take us down the Camino to the downhill part. The uphill part was long and steep and we weren’t up for it. We earned our credits in southern Portugal. We are in a rural albergue owned by a German guy. It’s like being a ’60’s hippie. Great guy, but still German. We sang “Bring it to the Lord in prayer” to music this Japanese Pilgrim played in his harmonica. It’s going great. We make a new plan every day.

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  1. Keep lovin your posts, Robert! Getting more and more excited about walking it next Sept!!!!

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