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Scavenger Hunt

May 12, 2018

We made a plan: we don’t have the time or energy to walk every step of the way to Santiago, so after 8 days on foot we jumped ahead 90 kilometers by train. A very modern electric train. It would be great to have these in a Texas. We have also been on the lookout for scallop shells, the symbol of the Camino. We found one in the sidewalk in front of our hotel. They have been in short supply.

We are in Coimbra, where the University is on top of the (tall, steep) hill and is 900 years old. Also up there is the “new” cathedral.

Back down the hill a little is the “old” cathedral from 1135. In it is the body of an archbishop from Santiago de Compostela.

There are scallop shells in the middle of the mosaic! We read about this in the guidebook but the information at the church was wrong.

There are a couple of streets heading up the hill lined with tourist shops. This one we found appealing. The pastel de nata (little custard pie) seems to be the national dessert. It is very, very tasty.

We are in a cheap hotel-not nearly as nice as the hostels we have been staying in, but at €40 it works for us. Should we get a craving for a Burger King this is almost right in front.

We had a great lunch downstairs in the hotel – not a tourist place, it looked like locals. I had baked goat and Kay baked cod, €21 including 2 Sagres beers each. Outgoing and friendly waitstaff who are keen to speak English and quite professional.

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