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Catching Up

July 24, 2017

I have not posted all my stories on this blog lately, so here they are.  If you follow me on Facebook you may have already seen them.

I wrote this story about the Dark Sky Movement on the Camino as I had run out of time before leaving for Spain, dictating it into my iPhone and editing in an albergue.  Joe Houde (publisher) and Cliff Kaplan (Hill Country Alliance) came up with the photos. I had intended to write it before I left but ran out of time.

This story was fun to write because I tasted a goodly number of the distilled spirits while doing the interview.  I’ve known Todd for quite a while and find him to be highly creative.  There are distilleries popping up all over, but Elk Store is the first on Main Street.

Craft beer is a subject near and dear to my heart, and when the U S Open Beer Competition announced medals one of my very favorite beers got the Gold.

I started swimming regularly on the advice of the physical therapist who is trying to sort out the problem with pain in my shoulder while walking distances.  I had seen the City newsletter by my friend Julie earlier that day, and when I met this engaging young lifeguard I wanted to spread the word.

I had some free time in Austin and decided to give the Texas History Museum a try.  When I met Bob, a volunteer interpreter in the museum, I knew there was a good story.

It took me a while to figure out how to write this story about an escape room business owned by a long time friend and fellow Toastmaster; I started it before the Camino, but it took another visit before I knew how to tell it.  I’ve never been big on puzzles, but this business is growing on me.

Last but not least is this article for Texas Hill Country Magazine on the Wine Road 290.  I got lots of help from my friend Chris Brundrett, wine maker and part owner of William Chris Winery.  I sent him the draft for comments and he re-wrote a section with marvelous result. The story is near the end on page 42.

My blog editor Shannon Salas recently put a link to this blog at the end of my articles, which is exciting.  Some of my stories are barely read, while others get lots of attention.  I have the freedom to find and write my own stories; that plus the link are the real reasons I spend so much time on this.  I am also working on two stories for the next issue of the print magazine; collecting the information and getting the photos is also time consuming, but challenging.  My editor for the print magazine, Marcy Stellfox, has also improved my stories, although I thought my closing line for the wine story was better than hers (There are no wrong turns on Wine Road 290). The featured image are wine grapes just beginning fermentation for my next story.

Thanks for reading, and I love to hear comments.





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