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Kids, Dogs, and Picnic Tables

February 25, 2017

I wrote a story about a new kind of dining experience for Fredericksburg – a food park.  I was impressed with the young couple who own the project –  Justin and Kara Armes  – with their enthusiasm, sense of taste and style, and how they persevered to make it happen.  Because the City’s development rules only allowed food trucks to be temporary, they had an uphill battle in creating this permanent site for them.  Ultimately truth and justice prevailed; the City recognized that the location and concept fit Fredericksburg nicely and they changed the rules to allow this unique business to open.

I had one comment on the Facebook link from a guy who said that his two least favorite things were kids and dogs, which made me laugh.  Kids and dogs have brought great joy to me.

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  1. Beth permalink

    Congratulations on this venue! I’m certain it will be great for all to enjoy . Blessings.

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