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Training for the Camino

February 7, 2017

Peter, the Master Brewer, advising me on Spanish beer. 

I’ve been training for my 500 mile pilgrimage in May; working out at the gym, walking more often at ERock. Here I am pictured training for drinking beer on the Camino, getting tips from Peter at Pedernales Breeing  Company. His advice?  “Don’t. Drink the wine instead.”

I’ve been reading up on it (The Camino Sucks was enlightening). I’ve pulled my backpack out and fretted about whether or not to take any cooking equipment, like my PocketRocket. Should I plan to make oatmeal for breakfast like I do in the mountains?  I even googled “can you buy peanut butter in Spain?” I don’t want to rely on restaurants all the time (peanut butter may be hard to find but I’m hoping good bread isn’t). 

I read blog post after post until I realized that I was over-thinking it; I’ve been walking on my vacations since I was 19, in more challenging terrain, carrying camping equipment and food.  I have the guidebook and the equipment and the clothing. 

So I’m waiting patiently for the first of May and keeping up my training- gym, E Rock, brewery; gym, E Rock, breeery. And where is that Pocket Rocket anyway?

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