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Ink on a Page

September 24, 2016
Texas Hill

I received my copy of the Texas Hill Country print magazine today.  I have two articles in this edition: Fall Colors in the Hill Country, in which I pair fall colors with nearby food/wine, and Fritztown, Party Town, Where Fun is Contagious – Oktoberfest 2016.  I was pleased to be asked to write for the issue, as there is a lot of talent in the writer pool, and the editors are a delight to work with. Here are my posts on the blog for Texas Hill .  The magazine will be available in a digital format at some point.  I think my stories are creative and interesting, but photos are very important, and the bigger challenge for me.  I’m working on several new stories for the blog – The Smallest State Park in Texas, and Underground Music.

The blog posts of 500 words are pretty easy; the challenge I am having as a writer at present are the 30,000 words in the middle of Enchanted Rock White, the third in my series of Enchanted Rock stories.

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