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Shameless Self Promotion

June 5, 2016

Recently I’ve been writing blog posts for Texas Hill Country.   I will eventually get paid!  While a little cash is nice, my goal is publicity – shameless self promotion – to sell books through Amazon, Kindle, and Nook.  I sell some books at the Artisans gallery during First Friday Art Walk (they keep a supply of printed copies), but that’s the hard way to get readers.  However, I love hanging out with the artists while waiting for a prospect to walk by.

The content on my blog posts is original and the photos are mine; nothing is reposted or gleaned from another source.  I am looking for ideas for stories  – if you have any, send them my way.  I am collaborating with some of my writing friends on some of these posts – you might notice a style shift in the middle of an article – which is fun, too.  At some point they will be credited, when we figure out what we’re doing, and when it looks to be worth our time.  Future story ideas include the amazing Pioneer Memorial Library and Gillespie County brothels (in this case, the knowledge of brothels is gleaned from a friend, not personal experience!).  If you have a story idea, send it my way.

I posted a video on Facebook during the flooding last week; the video was picked up by my editor at Texas Hill Country and reposted on their page, and has over 72,000 views. Converting views to book sales?  That’s harder than writing the book in the first place.  One way to help the author of a book you liked is to write a review on Amazon – if that’s you, click on the Amazon link above and write a sentence or two.

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