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September 5, 2015

If you have read any of my novels, with one exception, you know that they all include an animal as a character.  So far, the stories have included Clarice – a turkey vulture, a mountain lion, and a road runner.  I am currently working on Enchanted Rock White, and this bird has inserted itself into the story. Once again, without my permission.  The chicken story is loosely based on a tale I heard from a couple of park employees.  This story is going to be a little tricky to write, as I have already created the characters and the plot (although more characters will surely insert themselves, again, without permission).  When I finish I will have to go back and remove clues so that the ending will be a surprise, as I can tell that already I have  revealed too much too soon.

I got the idea of including an animal in each story from Edward Abbey.  Although I never met the man, I have read all of his writing I can find, and consider him a sort of mentor, and my dream for years was to be a member of the Monkey Wrench Gang.

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  1. Adele permalink

    Include the “COWBOYS FROM LULING” episode in one of your books…if you have forgotten the story, ask David.

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