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The Strangest Review You Will Ever Read

January 17, 2015

I mailed a copy of my latest novel to a friend in December.  He is smarter than most people I know, but he doesn’t have a phone, email, or an internet connection.  He is well read and highly educated.  He’s a big guy, with a fair complexion and greying red hair, and a perennial smile, and just like Johnny Cash always wore black, he always wears white.  He walked up to me through the crowd of over a hundred men and grabbed me for a hug.

Your book: best yet, by far.  Edgy.

My friend wears white because he is incarcerated by the state, for reasons I do not know; that is between him and the state.  I haven’t seen him in several months and we don’t correspond often.  I am here to help him grow in his relationship with God.  I am thrilled by his comments, which are exactly what I hoped he would say.

I hugged him back.

Thank you, brother.

Fort Davis Rocks E Book

Fort Davis Rocks E Book

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